WADO Prototype Implementation Notes


This is a moderately complete implementation of draft 1.9/10 of WADO apart from the following:


·        Object Types:

o       Waveforms/graphics/Sound

o       Structured reports

·        MIME types

o       GIFs (animated or not)

o       JPEG 2000 (JP2)

o       MPEG

o       PNG

·        Parameters:

o       charset

o       anonymize



Please note the following points:


·        All Image retrieval is achieved through a single URL base – http://wado.medicalconnections.co.uk/WADO/WADO.asp?…..”

·        Although the web server and DICOM server are on the same machine, they are logically completely independent, and the web server makes no direct connections to the DICOM servers tables.

·        The implementation uses my own DICOM toolkit (DicomObjects), simply because it is the one I know, and have readily available.  The Source for the controlling WASO.asp script is however available by clicking here, and could easily be configured to use any similar toolkit.

·        I have used a pre-existing patient root hierarchy for initial navigation, which uses completely different terms for the UIDs etc., and conveys series and study names etc. alongside.  Whilst I could have changed this section to fit the WADO model, I deliberately have not, as one of the objectives was to standardise the final image retrieval steps, without imposing any rules on the preceding  image location steps, and by using an existing web interface, and merely “bolting” WADO onto the final page, this demonstrates the validity of this approach.

·        The DICOM server listens on port 104 on the same machine, and is promiscuous, so if you wish to upload any more images and/or presentation states you may have available in order to test them through WADO – feel free.

·        For both uploading and access however, please note that this machine is connected to the Internet on just a 64k line L, so please accept any inevitable delays.

·        I have used the presentation states from the MESA test tools with permission and thanks.



Finally, this implementation is intended as a trial, NOT a reference implementation – I may well have made mistakes, so if you see any, please do let me know!


Dave Harvey  

22 July 2003